Most frequent questions and answers

There are 4 options how you can book a collection.
1.You can download the app.
2.Book a collection through our website here
3. Visit our Facebook page and drop us a message here.
4. Contact us on 0191 654 0014 to arrange a collection.

We accept range of clothing and household items as long as they’re in a good, wearable condition. You can donate:
and household electrical items which are in good working order.

You can reuse your own bags or boxes or we can knock on your door and you can hand them to us.

Donated clothes are sorted and graded in our warehouse. Based on clothes quality, they are shipped to other countries. Some are sold to local organisations. That’s how funds for charities are generated.

You can use more bags and boxes to fit all your items. Place all bags together in one place on a collection day and our drivers will collect them.

Please, contact us on 0191 654 0014 or info@collect4all.co.uk and we will arrange a collection for you.

Arrange clothing collection for free!

Contact us on 0191 654 0014


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