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Welcome to Collect4All

C4A offers you a fast, free and convenient way to have your donations collected with an app on your smart phone!

You tell us when you need your items collecting and we donate the proceeds to charity, everybody wins!

We work hard for you, the environment and our charities.

Donate with your heart

Using the app eliminates the need to manufacture millions of plastic bags. We have the environment at our heart.

Efficient collections

Knowing exact collection addresses for your donations keeps fuel and carbon footprints low. Raising funds for great causes in a greener way.


The app allows you to donate and recycle while being kind to our environment.

We provide

School Donation House Clearence Business Hub Clothing Donation

Using an App or arranging your collection online means we don’t need to post plastic through everyone’s letter boxes including those that don’t wish to donate.

Currently we support only North-East of England

Collect 4 All in association with ECS Textiles.

Recent Posts

The process is simple

  1. We offer a hassle free way of recycling and getting rid of unwanted used clothing in a greener way. You don’t even have to leave the house as we’ll collect them from your door step on a day that suits you, Collect 4 All works for you. C4A cares about you and our environment, lets arrange a collection on our app today. Its greener and convenient with a super easy to use platform.

  2. You’re helping raise money for amazing causes! As we operate a charity and school clothing recycling pickup service, you can choose which one of our fantastic causes the funds from your donation generates!

3. C4A is environmentally friendly – By requesting a collection from us you’re helping the environment! Your clothes would end up in landfill and take decades to decompose! This way your clothes will be given a new lease of life by being recycled or reused.

4. You’re helping support others around the world. Your donation could end up anywhere around the world to a home less fortunate than yours and they will be loved again. By arranging a collection with us you’re helping yourself, the environment, charities and many others.

Make an impact on someone’s life and donate now!

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